[1st Album] MICHI – Sprint for the Dreams (MP3-320kbps)

MICHI – Sprint for the Dreams
Release Date: 2016.09.21
Genre: J-Pop
Language: Japanese
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:
01. Overture -Sprint for the Dreams-
02. Cry for the Truth
03. Be myself ×Be yourself
05. Desperado
06. Checkmate!?
07. Shunkashuutou (春夏秋燈; The Three Seasons Lamp)
08. Tougenkyou Catharsis (桃源郷カタルシス)
09. Secret Sky
10. Realistic (リアリ・スティック)
11. Natsu no Owari no Crescendo (夏の終わりのクレッシェンド; The End of the Summer Crescendo)
12. Ryuusei (流星; Meteor)

Link Download:
Mp3: Google Drive
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